One Africa – One currency!

The LUMI currency is the official currency of the African Diaspora Sub-Region.

As the official currency of  the Diaspora, Sixth Region (Eco-6), the LUMI DIGITAL CURRENCY will be able to interface with and convert the various currencies of the Sixth Region and continental Africa in seamless trade transactions, especially with the newest Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) Agreements.  It will be a binding force among ALL 55 African countries in the Africa Continental Free Trade Platform.

Eco-6 monetary policy is fixed around The LUMI standard wherein each issued LUMI is equivalent to USD 15.96, underwritten by 100kWh of solar energy and  valued against gold-grains in a parity of 1-to-4, where one LUMI equals the market value of 4 grains of gold or 0.2592 grams. 

This puts the Lumi in the first place, enjoying circulation in more than 160 countries hardly within 8 months of its launch.

A campaign to eradicate debt in Africa… learn more

Head of the African Royal Kingdoms has called for the elimination of Africa’s debt and a universal currency for the continent. Queen Sheba the III – a decedent of the oldest matriarchal throne which originated in Kush, a place now known as South Sudan – has embarked on a major campaign to eradicate debt in Africa. Queen Sheba is also the Deputy President of the African Union Nations for the World Peace Committee. Queen Sheba joins us Live via Zoom from Johannesburg.